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This document is an official offer (public offer) of the Limited Liability Company "Bilet Standard" (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) and contains all the essential conditions for the provision of services by the Contractor. The list of services is given in this contract, as well as on the official website of the company
In accordance with Article 396 of the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, in case of acceptance of the conditions set forth below and payment for the services, the legal entity or the natural person accepting this offer shall become the Customer (in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 399 of the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic the offer acceptance is tantamount to concluding an agreement in terms set forth in the offer), and the Contractor and the Customer together are the Parties to this Agreement.
In connection with the above, dear visitor, please read carefully the text of this public offer.

Offer - this document "Public offer agreement for services of Bilet Standard LLC", published on the Internet at:
Acceptance of the offer - full and unconditional acceptance of the offer by the Customer's actions specified in paragraph 2 of this offer. Acceptance of the offer creates an offer agreement.
The Customer or User - a legally capable individual who has reached the age of 18 years, has a legal right to enter into a contractual relationship with the Contractor, has carried out the acceptance of the offer, and is thus the Customer of the Contractor's services to the concluded contract of the offer.
Offer Agreement - an agreement between the Contractor and the Customer for the provision of consulting services, which is concluded by accepting the offer.
" Bilet Standard" - limited liability company " Bilet Standard", which is the Contractor under the offer agreement.
Website - the Contractor's website on the Internet, located at, on which the Customer executes the Order.
Order - the Customer's duly executed request to receive the services selected on the Site.
Electronic passenger ticket - a document used to certify a passenger transportation contract, in which information about the passenger's transportation is presented in electronic digital form. The passenger is provided in the form of an electronic ticket itinerary receipt.
Reservation system is an information system containing information about flight schedules, availability of seats for flights, air carrier rates and the rules of their application, as well as other conditions of the services offered. This information is posted at in full compliance with the way it is presented in the reservation systems by the direct providers of these services (air carriers) or their authorized representatives. The information in the reservation system may be updated, changed or supplemented.

1.1 The Contractor undertakes to provide intermediary services to the Customer for booking, payment, registration of air tickets, as well as the transfer of issued air tickets or itinerary receipts for a fee under the terms of this Agreement, and the Customer undertakes to pay for the services provided in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

2.1 The Contractor offers the Customer the airline ticket(s) for which he can (have the opportunity to) book for the Customer and informs him of the cost of services.
2.2. The Customer books tickets on his own through the Contractor's websites ( or in the Contractor's office at 164/1 Panfilov Street, Bishkek, in one of the convenient ways.
2.3. As agreed with the Contractor, an application for booking tickets can be accepted by email ( or by phone to the Contractor (____________). Each case is considered separately.
2.4 The Customer gives the Contractor all the information necessary to make the booking of the air ticket(s):
- the Customer's personal data allowing to identify the Customer, as well as the funds received from the Customer as payment;
- the number of required airline tickets, full names and passport data for all passengers for whom tickets are booked.
- the desired dates of departure and/or arrival and the place of departure and arrival;
- Customer feedback information: telephone, e-mail and / or other means of operational communication.
2.5 The Contractor shall pay to the Customer the cost in accordance with clause 3 of this Agreement.
2.6 After confirmation of payment by the customer, the Contractor performs the necessary actions for booking the airline tickets.
2.7. Air tickets cannot be exchanged or returned except for the cases specified in clause 8 of this Agreement.
2.8 After receipt of payment, but not earlier than 1 calendar day before the expected date of departure, the Contractor shall issue and send the air tickets or itinerary receipts to the Customer's e-mail. If the Customer wishes, he/she can get a printed electronic ticket at the Company office 1 (one) day prior to the date of departure. The risk of non-receipt of air tickets or evasion of receipt shall be borne by the Customer.
2.9. The Contractor is considered to have fulfilled its obligations to transfer the air tickets after sending the electronic air ticket to the Customer's email.

3.1 The cost of air tickets, indicated in price lists, special offers, on the company's website or in the confirmation, is final and includes all expenses on payment for the air ticket(s) to the Air Carrier, the Contractor's service fee, and all possible taxes, except for clause 3.4 of the Agreement.
3.2 All payments are made in soms, or in US dollars/Euros at the market rate on the date of payment.
3.3. Available payment methods, depending on available payment terms:
- in cash at the company office,
- by transferring funds in favor of the Contractor according to the details specified in the Contract,
- make a payment by bank card ________ (card type) at
3.4 If the cost of air transportation changes due to the introduction of an additional fee by the CARRIER, the Customer shall be obliged to make an additional payment of such fee. The said surcharge is mandatory, regardless of the date of the Order and its payment. The surcharge shall be payable by the Customer within the following time limits:
- within 7 days if there are more than 30 calendar days before departure.
- within 3 days, if there are from 5 to 7 calendar days before departure.
- within 24 hours, if there are less than 3 calendar days before departure.
3.5 The Customer is considered to fulfill his obligations to pay for the tickets after the receipt of funds in the Company cash desk or on the Contractor's account. In case of payment by bank cards, the payment is considered to be made after the confirmation of payment by the Contractor's servicing bank.
3.6 The Contractor's obligation to issue and provide the Customer with tickets arises only after receipt of payment.

4.1 Provide sufficient and accurate information about himself/herself and the end users of the service, information about the necessary transportation - date, time, direction, animals, airline, etc., as well as your wishes about the flight.
4.2 Provide the Company with accurate information about his address and phone number, required by the Company for operative communication with the Client.
4.3 Pay for all necessary services in accordance with the terms and by the deadlines specified in this Contract.
4.4 In the event of changes in the cost of air transportation due to the introduction by the Carrier of an additional fee (clause 3.4), make an additional payment for such a fee. The mentioned surcharge is mandatory regardless of the date of the Order and its payment. Failure to pay within the specified period shall not exempt the Customer from paying the surcharge.
4.5 Check the time and place of departure, the airport of departure, and other relevant data with the Carrier or the Carrier's Authorized Agent in due time (one day prior to departure).
4.6 Receive air tickets in accordance with clause 2.8 of the Agreement.
4.7. The Customer is obliged to inspect the received air tickets and notify the Contractor without delay of any defects detected in the air tickets.
4.8. The passenger is obliged to have all the documents required for the flight, including an identity document, documents for flight check-in, passport and customs control, for traveling abroad by a minor - the consent of his/her legal representatives, a visa (if necessary) and other documents, the availability of which is prescribed by the legislation of the Kyrgyz republic and the country of destination and the Carrier's regulations.
4.9 To observe the rules of passenger transportation established by the contract with the Carrier (including the rules reflected on the air ticket), as well as transport charters, codes and relevant bylaws. Independently negotiate with the Carrier or the Carrier's Authorized agent the implementation of the transportation, regulated by these rules.
4.10. To observe (ensure observance by a passenger) the requirements of state authorities concerning traveling, to submit entry, exit and other necessary documents and to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the expected departure or by the time set by the Carrier, or if no such time is set, by a time sufficient for completion of preflight formalities.
4.11. Comply with the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, international treaties to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party, and the laws of the country to, from or through the territory of which the Passengers, baggage and cargo related to the transportation of Passengers, baggage and cargo, compliance with flight safety, aviation security, as well as requirements related to border, customs, immigration, sanitary-quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary and other types of control
4.12. To familiarize all passengers with the content of this Agreement and with all information provided by the Contractor to the Customer, to ensure that they fulfill all obligations of the Customer under the Agreement. The Customer guarantees to have the authority to carry out the transaction in the interests of other persons.
4.13. The Customer is warned and is aware that in case of purchasing a ticket by a foreign air carrier, legal relations with such a carrier may not be covered by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

5.1 To book, pay for and issue the air ticket(s) to the Customer according to the confirmed Order of the Customer.
5.2 To inform the Customer accurately about the rules of carriage established by the air carrier by posting relevant information on the Contractor's website
5.3 To transfer the air tickets to the Customer in accordance with clause 2.8 of the Agreement.
5.4 If it is impossible to provide tickets on the conditions declared by the Customer, to inform the Customer about it and offer him a flight on alternative conditions.
5.5 Provide the Customer with the information and documents necessary to receive the paid air tickets.

6.1 If the CUSTOMER fails to comply with any of the clauses of this Agreement, refuse to provide further services.
6.2 If the Customer fails to pay for the booked services (air tickets) on time, the Order can be canceled by the Contractor without warning.

7.1 According to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the air ticket is a contract of air transportation between the passenger and the carrier. Obligations of carriage and all related obligations arise directly from the carrier.
7.2 The Contractor is not responsible for the cancellation or change of the departure time of flights, change of airlines, airport of departure/arrival, type of aircraft and related changes in the Customer's travel program. The times indicated in the schedule and other documents are preliminary and are not guaranteed. Carrier may without notice transfer a passenger for carriage to another carrier, change or cancel the boarding at the points indicated in the ticket if it is necessary. The schedule may be changed without notice to the Contractor, the Customer or the Passenger.
7.3. The Contractor is not responsible for the work of communication channels, in this regard, the obligation to clarify the terms of receiving the air tickets lies on the Customer.
7.4 In case of refusal of entry into the country, then regardless of the reasons for refusal, the Customer bears all costs of deportation of the passenger, including: payment of the air ticket, food, accommodation, transfer, visa, etc.
7.5 The Contractor is not responsible for providing flight connections.
7.6 The Contractor shall not be liable in case of improper rendering of transportation services, both on its part and on the part of the Carrier, resulting from inaccuracy, insufficiency or untimeliness of the information and documents provided by the Customer, as well as resulting from other violations by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement.
7.7 The Contractor shall not be liable for non-compliance of the provided transportation with the Customer's expectations and/or his subjective assessment, as well as for non-fulfillment of any other obligations to the Customer by the Carrier.
7.8 All information relating to schedules, flight availability, fares and the rules of their application, as well as other conditions of service provision by the Carriers shall be posted on the website or otherwise communicated to the Customer in full conformity with how it is presented in the reservation systems by the Carriers or their authorized representatives. Contractor, in spite of the competence and careful selection of Carriers, shall not be able to perform a total independent verification of the information provided by the Carriers and cannot guarantee the complete absence of inaccuracies in it. Therefore, the Contractor shall not be liable to the Customer for any erroneous data on transportation services, as well as for any damage or losses caused to the Customer due to errors in the information.
7.9. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-compliance by the Carriers or their authorized representatives with the reservation conditions and fare application rules, as well as carriage rules, since these conditions and rules are the exclusive responsibility of such Carriers.

8.1 The Contractor shall be exempt from liability for full or partial non-fulfillment of obligations under this Contract if this non-fulfillment was a consequence of force majeure circumstances that occurred after the conclusion of the contract, as a result of extraordinary events, which the parties could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures (force majeure).

9.1. The Offer comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Contractor's website at and is valid until the withdrawal of the Offer by the Contractor.
9.2. The Contractor reserves the right to amend the Offer conditions and/or withdraw the Offer at any time at his own discretion. In case the Contractor makes changes to the Offer, such changes shall become effective from the date of their publication on the Website, if other effective date is not additionally defined at the time of their publication.
9.3 The Contractor has the right to terminate this Agreement at any time without prior notice in case of breach by the Customer of the order and terms of booking and payment for services, as well as in other cases provided by law.
9.4 In case of early termination of the Agreement, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the Contractor for the services rendered by the latter at the time of termination of this Agreement, as well as to pay the costs actually incurred by the Contractor.

10.1 In accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic No.58 of April 14, 2008 "On Personal Information", processing of personal data of the Customer and/or passengers shall be carried out for the purposes of performance of this Agreement and the contract of air carriage, one party of which is the Customer and/or the passenger. Personal information of passengers is not subject to dissemination, except in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
10.2 Disputes arising during the performance of the Contract under the terms of this Contract shall be resolved in a claim procedure. The claim shall be submitted to the Contractor in writing with the documents justifying the claims, within a period not exceeding 15 days from the occurrence of the cause of dispute. The claim received shall be considered by the Contractor within a period not exceeding 30 days.
10.3 If disputes and disagreements between the parties cannot be resolved by negotiation, they shall be settled in court according to the jurisdiction and competence established by law.
10.4. In everything else that is not provided for in this Agreement, the Parties shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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